10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I do hope this doesn’t come across as being a bit me, me, me. However, I love reading similar posts to this on other people’s blogs. Probably because I am a bit of a nebber. (Nosey!) But if you are the same way inclined, then this is for you. Ten things that you didn’t know about me:

 1. I completed my degree while pregnant with Charlie.

I mention this because now that I am a bit older, I look back on that time and think “Wow, I worked bloody hard.” I certainly don’t think I could do it now. At the time, I was in my final year, as well as working sixteen hours at a weekend to earn extra money. Through the week I was travelling into Uni as well as carrying out placements. I honestly think this was a perk of me having Charlie so young. I had all that energy! My dissertation was due on Charlie’s due date so I pushed myself to complete it and hand in six weeks early. Good job I did because my wee man came right on time!

 2. I was born in Yorkshire.

I don’t think people would ever guess this from my accent. I was six when we moved to the Cotswold’s and fourteen when we came to Northumberland. The Yorkshire Lass got lost somewhere along the way.

 3. When I was eight (or nine) I won Young Musician of the Year for playing the piano. At a local concert.

Again, I feel I don’t have many talents anymore so I like to look back on this with pride, that I actually stuck at something. Until I started noticing boys and gave up my music for a social life. Something I regret.

 4. I got up on stage and sang a Shania Twain song which helped my school house team win “Star for a Night”.

Pretty sure Steve doesn’t believe I did this…

 5. I can’t sing or play the piano now.

As previously mentioned, something I regret. You never know, in years to come when I have more time (ha ha), I might start again?

 6. Until recently my only life goal was to get married and be a mum.

I need to remind myself of this because I think it can be easy to forget our goals and what we have actually achieved. I now have new goals, which I will share with you if I ever achieve them!

 7. I loved Childminding but don’t think I could do it now.

We sometimes have to try our hands at things before we can work out what it is we actually want to do. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with going through life changing what you want to do. As long as it doesn’t affect anyone, why shouldn’t you want to be a teacher one moment and master of the universe the next? (Not my actual goal by the way!)

 8. I’ve had my tonsils taken out.

Not very exciting but it is the only surgery I have had.

 9. I wish I was better at gardening. (Or just keeping plants alive.)

My Dad is a gardener and has been all his life. You think I would be able to at least keep a house plant alive! I think he thinks I should be able to keep a house plant alive. It is something I plan to work on.

 10. I am scared of cows.

Really scared of them. Family walks have taken long detours to avoid a field with cows in. I get this from my Nana.

Thank you for reading. What is one thing people don’t know about you? Do you too have an irrational fear of cows??



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    Just loved that last blog! And don’t forget all those wonderful performances you did on stage… a very memorable “Oliver”…. and the two songs you recorded on a disc in a proper studio, for winning a competition! A lot of talent there, my girl and skills which can always be returned to, with determination and belief in yourself!

    November 8, 2017 at 10:35 pm
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