About Me


I am Bethanie (other names I go by are Beth, Mummy, Charlie and Phoebe’s Mum and Mummy Pig) .

Twenty something from Northumberland. I am wife to an outdoorsy husband and mother to a brilliantly minded four-year old and a baby girl who loves nothing more than pulling hair and pooping.

My husband came into my life when I was the ripe old age of eighteen ( so pretty young in the grand scheme of things), he whisked me off my feet by offering to buy me drink…ahh the way to any eighteen year old’s heart. And the rest, they say, is history.

Since then I have graduated from University where I studied Children and Young Persons (great I have a degree in “Children” surely having my own will be easy: a naive me once thought). We bought our first home, had baby number one, got married and then had baby number two. I guess we pan out as a pretty average family really but I hope you stick around and follow our day-to-day ramblings ( the brilliantly minded four-year old does come out with some crackers if you are interested in hearing them), and find my tips useful. Even if you don’t find them useful you may just find them interesting to read as I attempt to put words into practice.

I thought I lost my hobbies when I had children, they became my hobby I guess, but slowly over time I have realised I love writing (especially lists!) and reading, and from there a Blog was born.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment or drop me an email if you have any questions or just to say Hi!

May 23, 2017