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Christening Day

It has been a little while since I have blogged, (or it certainly feels like it has), but the last few weeks have been pretty manic. You know that feeling where your feet don’t seem to touch the ground? Well that has been me recently. I think it is important to make time for yourself but I haven’t been able to do that for a while. I would just like a few days so I can get caught up with everything before the next thing happens. But I guess everyone feels like that from time to time so maybe I should just stop whinging… Instead I shall share with you all a lovely day we had recently. Phoebe’s Christening day.

Despite Steve and I not being overly religious, it was still important to me that Phoebe was christened. Both Steve and I have been and so has her big brother. It just felt that we needed to carry on that tradition as it were. Being a second child, there have been a lot of things Phoebe has gone without. She still doesn’t have her own photo album for example. All the photos of her (which I have at least printed), are still in their wallets waiting to be displayed in an album. I didn’t want the christening to be something else we didn’t get round to doing.

It doesn’t mean that we have made any choices for Phoebe. It just means that when she is old enough to decide for herself we have set her up within the church should she wish to follow that belief. But she doesn’t have to and that is fine too. I was also thinking way into the future and if she ever wants to get married in a church, we have now given her that option. It may sound silly and maybe I’m not explaining it very well, but that is partly why we did it.

I also wanted to have everyone together to celebrate Phoebe! This beautiful little girl who is growing up way too fast, needed a special day. Steve and I know how lucky we are to have two, healthy children and we don’t ever take this for granted. Having everyone come together for our daughter was so special and meant a lot to us both.

Sometimes the only time you see family is at special events like this. It’s either a wedding, christening or (sadly) a funeral. So it was nice having all the people we love, together in the same place, for a positive reason.

Unfortunately, Phoebe (who is usually a good sleeper), had been up through the night before, so was a little grouchy. There were tears at the start when everyone was coming in and saying hello, but once she got used to the idea of being the centre of attention, she perked up. Wouldn’t let the Vicar hold her though. Pour water on her head? Fine. But no holding. This was left up to Daddy, as he nervously dangled a confused Phoebe over a bowl of water. I think she found it very relaxing actually.

Baptising baby

The service itself was lovely and intimate and didn’t go on for too long. This was a relief as there were a few young children there who wouldn’t have tolerated a longer service. In all, it was perfect.

We then went to the local (in my parent’s village) The Shoulder of Mutton  which I had been in earlier that day to decorate. I did my best with the decorations but unfortunately there had been a restaurant full of people watching me as I conspicuously hung a banner and tied balloons. The theme we had gone for was Guess How Much I Love You. A favourite childhood book that we now read to our children. That Cake  provided the most amazing cake (both in appearance and taste!) to go alongside the balloons and table decorations.

Guess How Much I Love You cake

Guess How Much I Love You cake topper

Everyone tucked into the buffet (we came home with so much food!) and had chance to have a drink and catch up. It was all very relaxed and the children were amazingly behaved. Very proud of all of them. Eventually, the staff from the pub started clearing up around us. Our cue to leave. Phoebe was fighting sleep and Charlie was all sweaty from running around. We packed up the car, said our goodbyes and came home.


The next day we had a slow start and reflected on what a great day we all had. Phoebe received some amazing gifts and we are so grateful to each and every person who came to share our day with us. Also for all the cards and gifts she received. I am getting through the thank you cards, but as ever, this takes me a while. People may receive them by Christmas…

Thank you for reading.


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