What My Kid Wore Wednesday #1

What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome to “What My Kid Wore Wednesday”.

This is a first for us. However, I have been following Sarah from This Mama Life  for some time now and I always enjoy seeing what her little guys have been wearing. So I have joined in with her and Hannah from Just Hannah Jane , both here and over on the old Instagram  if you want to check it out.

Introducing the kids to Autumn

This week see’s the start of Autumn, however we have had quite a warm (for the North) last couple of days. So while I love Autumn and the reintroduction of knit wear and boots, I have been holding off as long as I can, while the weather still seems to be holding out for us. Hence my outfit choice for young Phoebe.

What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Outfit of the day

Today she is wearing a gorgeous cardigan from Next, which I bought in the sale but think the colours go quite well with the changing season. How cool are the pineapple details?! (I had no pineapple at home so had to make do with a pumpkin!) I teamed it with bright pink leggings to keep that last trace of summer alive. Plus I think bright colours match her personality as she is such a funny and happy baby girl.

What My Kid Wore Wednesday

We had great fun bouncing on the bed with a pumpkin and a camera. She cooperated very well but was determined to throw the pumpkin on the floor. Where do babies get their strength from??

I haven’t been able to include her older brother in this weeks blog. He has just been wanting to stay in his uniform when he gets in from school. While I would normally prefer him to change, he is so tired at the moment when he gets home I know it’s not worth the arguments. So he currently supports his school uniform until it is bath time. I do need to go clothes shopping for him though as he appears to have had a growth spurt over the summer. (Why must they grow so quick?) So hopefully I will be able to share some nice, new boys clothes soon.

All of Phoebe’s outfit today is from Next.

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