A letter to my past pregnant self

Dear Pregnant Bethanie,

Look how excited you are. You also look tired because I know heartburn and leg cramps are keeping you up at night. This is actually just your body’s way of preparing you for what is about to happen. Your body is going to amaze you a lot over the next few months and you mustn’t under-estimate what it can do.

So, some things you are possibly worrying about by now: Will labour hurt? How does it (talking about the baby here) actually get out of there? Will I be a good Mum? Can I still go out with my friends? Will I ever sleep again?!

All normal worries and so many questions. Let me answer them for you.

Will labour hurt?

Yes, that is why it is called labour. But you will get through it, with a supportive husband by your side. (You are going to do this all again by the way so don’t worry afterwards when you think “I can’t go through that again?”) Also, a word of warning about your husband: he will ask to take a nap while you are having contractions so that he can be awake for the “big event”. You will be annoyed but let him sleep and remind him of it when you are wanting a nap, once the baby is here.

Don’t watch “One born every minute” because they show the drama and your experience will be quite different to what you see on the TV.

How does it actually get out of there?

Trust me with this. It just does. Like I mentioned previously, your body knows what it is doing so try to relax (easier to say that now) and let nature take its cause.

Will I be a good Mum?

I can’t really answer that. Some days you will be and others you will lose your temper and feed them biscuits to keep them happy. But both your children are well fed, warm, safe and content so you must be doing something right. Even though you will have your moments where you think you aren’t. You’re going to learn a lot over the next few years and it may take you a little while to find your feet but you get there. It will probably feel like you have changed a lot but this is just who you are now, so embrace motherhood.

Can I still go out with my friends? 

Yes you can, but sometimes you choose not to. Tiredness will probably be the main stumbling block here but so will the fact that, once you are out, all you want to do is be back home with your baby. Your friends don’t have children and therefore don’t need to spend the night hearing about your baby’s first poo. This interests only you. And possibly your husband but I am pretty sure even he pretends to be interested in this from time to time. Don’t worry, you are going to make new friends who you will see at Toddlers or on day trips. No need for late night drinks with them. As your babies grow up and become slightly less dependent on you, that is your chance for nights out. You will still have them, they just become a bit more rare.

 Stay classy!

Will I ever sleep again?

Yes you will. To give you some hope: you are going to be blessed with not one, but two good sleepers. You just need to get passed the first few months. And the teething. And the regression stages where they suddenly don’t want to be in their bed FOR NO REASON! You will get sleep and no you can’t die from lack of sleep, on those long nights where you aren’t sure if you will able to function in the morning. My advice to you would be make the most of nap time. Don’t use this time to run around doing housework or catching up on Facebook. Use it to catch up on sleep!

Well I hope I have answered your questions. Don’t stress (I know you will but you really have no reason to). Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy because you are going to miss it. I know you won’t believe that right now, but you will. You are going to miss your bump and feeling baby moving inside you. Enjoy every moment, as best you can, because soon it will all just be a memory. A long, tired, sick filled memory. But you will still miss it.

Trust me.

Lots of love,

Post pregnant Bethanie xxx

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