My September Goals

Goals for September

Recently, I have been finding ways to try to organise my life slightly. (Notice the use of the word “slightly”, as I think it would be impossible for me to ever be completely organised. I lost that right when I had children.) One thing I have always found helpful, though, is writing things down. One of the reasons I started this blog actually. I am a list maker. Lists for food shopping, going on holiday, housework etc. Over the last few months I have started writing down my goals for the forthcoming month. I thought I would share my September goals with you for two reasons: I like sharing things and if I have told you what my goals are, I think I will be more likely to stick to them.

I always think September is an exciting month. To me it is like January (but without the Christmas debt). I think it has come from back in the day and being at school. The start of a new school year, new books and a fresh start with the idea of working harder that year. (See, I started with good intentions Mum and Dad!)

I am also a fan of the change in season. While I do love the summer, I always find myself feeling disappointed with it. The excitement of getting out my summer wardrobe is short lived when it is still cold and rains every other day. We always make plans for BBQ’s and days at the beach but unless you hit lucky, you end up with soggy sandwiches and so many layers on it may as well be Autumn.

So I embrace September as it means the start of cosy nights. Warm comfy clothes that hide my “mum tum” and boots that hide my cracked heels. Comfort food and that Autumnal smell. I could go on listing what I love about it but I think I am just putting off listing my goals, so here goes:

Goal #1 Find a job

Yes I realise this is a pretty big one to be starting with. But with the end of summer comes the realisation I now have no income. My maternity leave is up and as I am not returning to my previous job, I need to find something.

The thing is I feel lost when it comes to the employment world. I have been self employed for two and a half years and to be honest I don’t want to return to working for an employer. Not because I am lazy and unwilling to contribute. (On the contrary, I want to take the financial pressure off my husband.) But because I want to be at home with my children. I want to be there raising them. Be there for the school run and the toddler groups. So I need to sit down and really think about what is going to work for us as a family. A biggie I know but it needs addressing.

Goal #2 Organise Phoebe’s Christening

I know who the Godparents are going to be. We have a date in mind. So now I just need to get the ball rolling and get it organised. She is turning One in November (that will be October’s goal: organise party) and we want to have it before then. Surprisingly I was more organised for Charlie’s as he was Christened at just three months old. Maybe this is how it will be for Phoebe, second child problems and all.

Goal #3 Smarten myself up

My wardrobe definitely needs an overhaul but as previously mentioned money is currently tight. So I shall approach this in a sensible way and look at what clothes I already have and see if I can make something of that.

As it is the turn of the season I possibly could start the change over from summer to winter wardrobe? Or is that too soon? Hmm I shall have to let you know how that one goes while on a budget.

One thing I am going to do though is get up a bit earlier in the morning (yikes) and spend time getting myself ready. Too many times I run out of time in the morning, so my hair is usually thrown into a messy bun and I end up unhappy with it all day. I have just started reading the FlyLady which is currently giving me inspiration to take better care of myself.

Goal #4 Keep up the blog

In the past I have found it hard keeping up a hobby but this is one I am determined to stick to. Why? Because I am getting so much enjoyment from writing, creating and sharing and I finally have found something I am good at. Or at least hope I am. It is important we all have something that is for “us”. Something to look forward to doing. An escape if you like. My blog is becoming mine and I hope I get to keep it up for a very long time.

Well, there are my September goals. On reflection they are quite big ones, but all achievable. So I shall report back and let you know how I got on.

Do you find it helpful setting goals?

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Leave me a comment down below to share your thoughts!

Thank you for reading.



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