New Year Goals And Dreams

New Year Goals and Dreams

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about how I like to make new goals in September. For me, I find I am more focused at that time of year. The idea of “wiping the slate” appeals to me more then for some reason. When a New Year roles around, I find myself making resolutions like the rest of us. You know the usual: lose weight, eat healthy, be a better person etc. I make these every year and every year I last for about a month before ordering a takeaway having donated nothing to charity. So I have decided, this New Year, to set myself goals and dreams for 2018. Instead of resolutions.

Resolutions, to me, means changing something about yourself and making a declaration that you are going to stick to this. A change that is going to happen from the first of January. Because I have often failed in the past at this, “goals and dreams” sound more long term and possibly more achievable. The goals are the things I definitely want to happen by the end of 2018 and the dreams are the things I would love to happen but may be more long term. And that to me is okay. Because as I have learnt over the last few years of making failed resolutions, you can’t make changes overnight. You can set out with good intentions but a true test is time. How long can you keep these changes up for?

Last year, my resolution was to lose the baby weight. I made this because:

1) I felt like I had to make a resolution,

2) I had over indulged at Christmas and blamed it on just having a baby.

I went out and bought some new sports gear from Aldi (I should have known my dedication then by not spending more than £10 on my outfit) and started with some exercises. I can’t really remember when my “exercise routine” ended. But I can safely say my Aldi Outfit hasn’t been worn for the majority of the year. This makes me feel disappointed in myself but also not really surprised. It is safe to say in the past, my resolutions have been made just for the sake of it.

With this in mind I am sat here tonight, on New Years Eve, writing down my goals and dreams for next year. (The sickness bug has hit our household hard, meaning our already quiet New Years Eve plans are now even quieter.) I am feeling excited about the year ahead and hoping I can achieve at least some of them. I also think it will be a nice thing to look back on in a years time. (As well as hopefully encouraging me to work hard as I have it on paper now!)

Whatever your plans are this New Year and for your future, try to remember the positives from 2017 and go forward with your dreams. I have learnt a lot about realising your dreams recently but also appreciating the small things.

Happy New Year everyone…

(I’m off to bed!)


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