Rainy Day Activities For Children

Rainy day activities

Sometimes it is quite nice having an excuse to spend a day at home and the weather certainly provides that. But by lunchtime, you have run out of patience and ideas on how to stop the dreaded “I’m bored” record. So here are a few of our favourite rainy day activities, guaranteed to keep boredom at bay. For a while anyway…

Frozen friends

I have used dinosaurs and toy cars for this activity but any small toy would work.

Put chosen toys into a small container that would fit easily into the freezer. Cover toys with water (you don’t need to use a lot, just enough to cover them). Pop in the freezer overnight and take out when required. Let your child choose some “tools” to try to break the ice and dig their friends out.

digging for dinosaurs

Finger Printing

Finger printing is great fun because children like the idea of getting paint/ink on their fingers and using this as their paint brush. They are being told to get messy, what could be better?! Some ideas of different things to create could be: frogs, birds and flowers.

Finger printing

Den building

I actually enjoy doing this activity as well! Let their imaginations decide what type of den you are going to be building and what you are going to use to build it. Once the den is built we like to have our snack in there as well as play and read stories.

Den Building

Have a tea party

Grab some cuddly toys and a blanket. Enjoy a tea party with either real or pretend food! This usually ends up turning into someone’s birthday party as well so we play party games and sing endless rounds of “Happy Birthday”. (This part is optional!)

Tea Party


Okay, I know sometimes the thought of baking with children may fill you with dread. It does get pretty messy but it can fill a morning. It provides a great tool for your child’s learning as well as they help you count out and measure the ingredients. Licking the bowl out is great fun too, plus you get to eat the end result! (Hopefully.)

Sensory Play

This is really up to you what you want to use here but some ideas could be shaving foam, dried rice or pasta, jelly cubes, tissue paper etc. It obviously depends on the age of your children, what you decide to use. But put down a mat and wear scruffy clothes and you are all set.

Film Club/Book Corner

I mentioned in a previous post about how we enjoy a bit of quiet time and sometimes that is what we all need. So stick on a film, grab a duvet and snacks and sit back and relax.

Well we know it doesn’t go quite like that when children are involved, but it may hold their attention for a short while.

If not a film, set up a book corner with bean bags, cushions and blankets. Let the children choose which books they would like to read/listen to.


Here is a recipe on how to make your own or you can cheat and buy some from the shops. This keeps my Charlie entertained for ages and the dinosaurs always seem to get involved too!

Role Play

Set up a shop (see below), or a doctor’s surgery, a vets, hairdressers etc. Take it in turns playing different characters.

Playing shops

So there are a few things we like to do on wet days. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share any new ideas, as we get plenty of rainy days, so we are up for trying different things and hearing what you like to do to keep the children entertained!


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