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So the first of December has come around again and believe it or not we actually had snow!

Steve and I got married two years ago, on the fourth. How lovely would it be, to have a light dusting of snow on our wedding day. Unfortunately, it actually turned out to be a very mild winter and we just ended up with a lot of wind instead. (Not referring to our guests here!) So this year, I was excited to see snow on the first day of December. How festive is that?! On the flip side, we were stuck in the house all day as both children were poorly. Charlie has tonsillitis and Phoebe is recovering from her one year jabs.

Luckily, a lovely, family run business sent us one of their toys to review. Wasn’t that good timing? HippyChick is the brain child of Julia Minchin who came up with the idea of the Hipseat, a clever design to save parents backs.  From there the business grew and they have now started selling the range Classic World. Beautiful wooden toys that are made to stand the test of time.

As a parent and ex-childminder, I love wooden toys. The house is so easily filled with plastic nowadays, it is refreshing to see something a bit more traditional. My favourite thing about wooden toys though, is the fact they are a lot harder to break. While I was childminding, it was inevitable that toys would get broken. (Children will be children after all.) So one toy I could always rely on was Charlie’s wooden train set. There is not a scratch on it, even after a lot of vigorous playing. (Seriously, children are destructive.) I think wooden toys just look more attractive too. If you have children, you will no doubt have toys EVERYWHERE. Or at least it feels like it. So why not have toys that are a bit more appealing to look at?

That’s why I was so excited to try out some new wooden toys. We were sent the Classic World Multi-Activity blocks. The first thing I noticed, on the outside of the box there are ideas of different shapes to build, giving you inspiration for your block building. (I’m not very good at construction, so ideas like this are helpful. Steve on the other hand is great at it and can whip up all kinds of things from rockets to boats.)

We quickly opened it up and tipped the blocks out. Now I love an activity where you can join in as a parent but children are also able to play by themselves. The wooden blocks provide this because it gives children the chance to use their imaginations. Something I think needs to be encouraged more nowadays.

Classic World wooden blocks

We loved the wooden blocks, especially the different paintings on each one.

HippyChick Review

They also came with activity cards for you to try to copy the shapes. These were set from Beginner to Advanced.  Again, another nice touch to inspire and challenge young (and old) minds!

Wooden shape blocks Wooden shapes inspiration

This was our activity for the afternoon and certainly kept the poorly children entertained. It also gave me a break from CBeebies and looking longingly outside. Funny how when you have to stay in doors, you suddenly can’t wait to get out.

Anyway, a huge thank you to HippyChick for sharing their wonderful product with us. I will definitely be shopping there again for Christmas and birthday presents. (It will be nice to give something a bit different rather than the last minute find in Home Bargains or the local shops!) They have free delivery and their products are of the highest standards.

 testing the wooden blocks 

Hope everyone’s December has got off to a better start than ours?

Thank you for reading.


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