Vlogmas! What Is It And Why Am I Doing It?

Vlogmas what is it about?

What is Vlogmas?

Vlogmas isn’t the latest abbreviation on the word Christmas. Nor is it something you might do with all your unwanted gifts. It is actually very simple but until last year I had never heard of it. In straight forward terms, Vlogmas is vlogging and uploading to YouTube, everyday throughout December. (Traditionally until Christmas eve.) You are capturing the build up to Christmas and sharing it with anyone who may be interested. This year I have set myself the challenge of completing it and here is why…

Why Vlogmas?

Rewind four and a half years. We had just become parents for the first time. This was also when I first discovered the world of blogging. Many a late night (and day) was spent discovering parenting blogs as I entered this new and confusing world. They helped me realise that I wasn’t alone in my worries and questions. It was at this point I first thought about starting a blog but decided against it. Who would read what I had to say? What advice could I offer parents?

Children's christmasFast forward to last year and we found ourselves with a new born all over again. Late night feeds drew me to my phone and the discovery of even more bloggers. By now the world of blogging had grown massively and there was a new craze in town. Vlogging. I was instantly hooked. My evenings would be spent watching YouTube instead of the television. Something I never thought I would say.

I discovered an amazing Vlogger named Emily Norris. Watching her parenting hack videos not only helped me (try) to be a more organised mum, they also made me think: I would love to do that. It was just before Christmas I subscribed to Emily’s channel. My first ever subscription. (If you discount the Peppa Pig subscriptions my son had kindly done!) Emily was doing Vlogmas and I remember thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if this time next year I was doing it too?! Again, I pushed the idea to the back of my mind. I had a new baby to look after, after all. And again, what would I have to offer?

Yet, here I am. It is fast approaching December. Two more days people, two! My notepad is filled with ideas for the next months content. I am feeling excited, proud and nervous. Excited to capture our memory’s. Proud because I never thought I would be doing it. Nervous in case I fail. But who I am really letting down bar myself? No one has asked me to do it. Sadly, no one is paying me to do it. So why am I putting an extra pressure on myself? Have a read of my first ever blog post and you might get a better idea as to why. But basically, I want to say I have completed something this time last year I would have said was impossible.

If you would like to see how I get on, whether I make it until Christmas eve or not, you can subscribe to my channel here.  I would love having you along for the ride. Let me know you came over and say Hi.

Are you a YouTube addict like me or have you never even typed the word before? I definitely think it is an up and coming thing and is growing by the day. Some of the content being uploaded are works of art. (Not necessarily from my channel but who knows this time next year…)

Thank you for reading.


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