Watch Out… We Are The Reception Mums

We are the Reception Mums

It is now approaching the end of the first half term. We have made it through the tears and tantrums. And so have the children. I have learnt a lot about what it takes to be a school parent. You have homework to do and tears to wipe. Uniform to wash, even though it seems a pointless task. But above all, you feel a protectiveness that can lead to some pretty irrational behaviour. (Spying over the fence at break time for example.) Being a mum of a Reception child can be tough but it also has its merits. It can form a bond between yourself and the other parents as you all face the journey together.

School run

So here is a short poem (I am certainly no poet but I gave it a go!) to show my appreciation to the other “Reception Mums”.

Watch out! We are the Reception Mums.

Don’t be fooled by our outer exterior. We are calm and polite. Our children are mostly well turned out (although they couldn’t give a sh**e).

We are new to the school, and don’t want to play the fools. We are happy doing as we are told and to abide by the rules.

But scratch below the surface, or tell us something is wrong, and you might find yourself on the receiving end of a Reception Mum throng.

Mums like to talk you see. It’s what we are programmed to do. So if one mum has a problem, the others will have it too.

The teachers have their staff room to share their anger and despair. How will they teach these children to play nice and not to throw that chair?

Us Mums need an outlet too, to share our troubles and woes. But how can we do this without stepping on teachers toes?

We form a pack at the school gates, or take to our phones. This is the modern age after all, we might even send in drones.

Because we like to know what goes on: are our children behaving well? They won’t tell us anything because children never tell.

Who pushed who at playtime and why did nobody see? Is my child drinking enough water and is he remembering to wee?

These things may seem trivial and we are making such a fuss. But these are our babies (who ruined our bodies) so I think it is a must.

We have been through tough times to raise them best we could. So why not make our voices heard? I think it is best that we should.

Let us stick together, for support when times are hard. But also to celebrate our children, after all they have come so far.

From being those helpless little tots who needed us day and night. Just look at them all now, I think we did something right.

To all Reception Mums (and those who have moved on), I thank you in many ways, even if others don’t, for the work that you have done.

Watch out. We are the Reception Mums and while we are still new, we are pretty unique in that we stick together and take pride in what we do.



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  • Reply Muttie

    Just LOVED that poem… obviously came from the heart! Well done girlie!!

    October 18, 2017 at 6:54 pm
    • Reply Bethanie Wardell

      Thank you for reading Muttie, it was surprisingly easy to write once I got going!! X

      October 18, 2017 at 9:06 pm

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