We wish we were children again

“Yeah, you’re probably going to need a new boiler as this one needs a lot of parts replacing. Plus it is getting old.” Aren’t we all and thank you Mr Boiler Man, just what I wanted to hear. I wish I was a child again. You really don’t appreciate it when you are young and your parents tell you to stop wishing your life away. You really shouldn’t. Being a child means you have no worries, no real ones anyway, and no responsibilities. You are carefree and everyday is a picnic. So as our list of things that need replacing in the house continues to grow, my husband and I find ourselves having to make “adult” decisions, that don’t only effect us, but also our children. It is hard but I guess it is what growing up is all about.

I think it is because my son is due to start school in September. (Did I mention that?) So I am reminiscing more about the “good old days” and wishing I could go back, for just one more day, of playing with my friends on the village green. To then come home to find tea on the table and not have to worry about how it got there or how much it cost. Those were the days. Now I not only have to get myself dressed in the morning but I am also responsible for two children and one husband. Each month is carefully planned out so we don’t over spend and at the start of each week I write out my “to do” list. What have I become?

Well, I have become a mother. Something I always wanted to be. The only thing I have wanted to be! So I need to suck it up and get on with it. But if I could, just for one day, go back…

I would go back to when I was around ten/eleven years old, so still in Primary school and living in the Cotswolds. We now live up in Northumberland which I also love, but this is where we happened to be at that time. I would go to the local school, either walking or cycling with my friend, or Mum would drive my brother and I down. A day at school, which lets face it, isn’t a full day as you finish at three pm. Home to watch TV, eat snacks or go to an after school club which is something of a hobby that you enjoy and get to spend more time with your friends. Tea, bath and bed. Sleep and repeat.

The school holidays would be spent doing fun things that your parents had organised and have the worry of paying for; not you. You didn’t have to get up at six in the morning (unless you wanted to) and there was no ironing pile or fish tank to clean out unless you were forced to do by your parents. (This of course at the time seemed like the end of the world, being asked to help out with jobs? I mean how unfair is THAT?!) But seriously, that was your biggest gripe. Or at least it should be.

The summer holidays would stretch out before you: days out, picnics, sleepovers and a stay in the caravan. I am also pretty sure it didn’t rain as much back then. Although that may be has something to do with us now living “up North”? Or maybe it just didn’t matter if it rained because Mum and Dad would have something planned anyway. That was probably it. So yes. Those were the days. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy our lives now. Obviously I do, as I feel lucky everyday to have our family and my dream of being a Mum coming true. I’m just saying, it would be nice, just for one day, to go back to my childhood.

I should probably take this opportunity to thank my parents for making my childhood memories so great. For making sure that my brother and I didn’t go without even though they probably had sleepless nights over “grown up” worries that we now face ourselves. I just hope that my own children have the same great memories as they grow up and never know of our struggles with that damn boiler.

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    Ah yes dear… how I wish as parents, we could return to those wonderful times of when yourself and your brother were “little”; life was good and summer holidays were fun and stress-free… we had great friends and doting grandparents to share this time of your life. Make every day count with Charlie and Phoebe (I know you will!)…. you all grow up too soon!!

    July 26, 2017 at 10:53 pm
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